A Friend of God

Have you heard the song Friend Of God? I have been singing that song since I was in elementary. Growing up with it, it became so familiar that I just kept happily singing the song without totally pondering what it meant to be a friend of God.

Earlier this year, one of my faith goals I wrote is to have more of God and less of myself. And it boils down to living the kind of relationship that I have with Him. I am His servant, His ambassador, His child, His friend.

If you could see all my social media handles’ bio, they all say ‘a friend and child of God’. I think I know what you’re thinking. You might say I’m being so pathetic. Haha.Look at this girl, her audacity to claim as a friend of God.” That’s what I sometimes thought people would say. (But it doesn’t matter now, does it?)

Because really, who are we to say we’re a friend of the Almighty, the most powerful, all knowing, and ever present Being in the whole world, or universe rather (😅), or even among all the other universe that has not been discovered yet? Who am I, merely a breathing two legged creature, whose attitude sometimes do not differ w/ that of the four legged animals, who am i really, to claim the title of being a friend of God?

Amidst that hard truth, I realized that it was not because I wanted to be called that way, (although I loved it, but that’s not the reason), not because others say so, but because it is Him who calls me His friend.

It was Him who initiated the friendship. Sinful as I am, it is so illogical for Him to come down and pursue me. Yet He did. It is so overwhelming and difficult to contain. My heart can only dance with gladness and thanksgiving knowing that Somebody is treating me as a friend. Much more, that Somebody is perfect.

This is what being a friend of God looks like. God is our defender from all evil, and at the same time, we are to defend God from people who speak ill of Him. Although He can do that alone, defending God could help us strengthen our faith in Him. God comforts us with His love and grace, and we can come to Him anytime, even in our most sinful hour. God hears our prayers and answers them with the best answer for us.

We can tell Him everything that we need, even our wants! We can rely on Him because He is for us, not against us. It is even Him who encourages us to come to Him, just as we are. He gives us the faith that He knows we badly needed! And even before that, He is the one who first acknowledges our needs, including the need of faith.

In trials, He gives promises that are fit to our problem. In victories, He makes us see that He is faithful to fulfill His promises.

Even when we sometimes hurt His heart, He always remind us that every sin there is in the world is already forgiven, including the worst the we’ve made. And our God, He never hurts us. He doesn’t run away, with palms on His face, disappointed in us doing the same mistake again and again. He is the friend that do not leave us, rather pursues us with gentleness, maintaining the patience that is needed, not only to tolerate us, but to accept us with all that we are and gives us a chance to become better.

That’s the ideal, best friend, one can ever have! And the most beautiful response we could give Him is not really to help Him with His plans for us, but to just follow Him, and say yes and amen to His will, because in between of us and Him, He always knows better. He depends on us to do His mission, spread His love and compassion to those who are yet to become His friend. As His friend, He wants us to be the salt and light for Him.

It doesn’t mean that He is trying to control us. It only means that He cares for us, despite of us being unworthy of His presence and attention. In the end, it is our choice to let Him affect our lives, and to respond as a friend.

God is a personal God. He cares for us individually and each of us matter to Him. You’re not simply an oxygen-consuming organism, but you’re a beautiful soul made by God for Him to love.

Have you ever been so proud to be somebody’s friend? Somebody who is just so amazing and so great that it made you exclaimed “Hey that’s my friend!” out of excitement? We can be like that to God! Because He himself delightfully calls us His friend!
It could just be the sweetest thing to hear. I could never dream of anything else, even to be somebody’s someone, because nothing could be greater than this–being called “friend” by God. 💜

You show that you are my intimate friends when you obey all that I command you.

John 15:15 TPT

[Matthew 11:28-29; Ephesians 2:10; Psalm 139:7-8; John 15:15; John 15:21]



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