“Season” is definitely the most Christiany word I know. And I think it’s because we, humans, have a lot of uncertainties in the future, and are always confused with so many roads, and we don’t even know our direction.

What’s next in this career. What’s next after graduation. What’s next after this ministry. After singlehood, is being in a relationship next?

We try to trust God even when we’re only given a step. But what’s the second? How about up to the last? Well, I don’t know. But one thing’s sure. God knows. We can trust God because He is not bounded in this time. He is up there, looking on this timeline where we are at. In one glance, He sees all our past, present, and future.

It’s like He’s looking at a whole big canvas while you’re there on one corner, trying to work things out. That’s why when we do something today, He can always make a way for us to step on next. He can always pinpoint our mistakes and help us get back on the right track because He sees the overview.

Rushing things will never get the whole picture done. Jumping from one corner to another will never guarantee you that the whole picture will even connect. It actually makes a mess. From one corner, then working on its way on the edges, not skipping a part. It should be a completion of one season, then another of what God permits.

The problem now is we sometimes waste some of our present times as we keep thinking of the season that we have been dreading to have. The season that we do not want, we make it as a waiting season. Which could make every thing a waste because where God placed us today, He has a great purpose and mission for us.

God is our season changer. He knows the right day for us when to shift to the next. You might have the season of both as a student and singlehood, or you might be working and dating, whatever your season is, do your best to honour God.

Every season that God delivered is a beautiful season.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 ESV

He has given us the first step today. To obey Him and glorify Him in whatever we do. The next step is up to Him. That’s why the Bible continually reminds us to “patiently wait on the Lord”. Patiently in a sense that we’re doing something worthwhile, our purpose, as we fervently pray for a season that our heart desires. Because from the overview, He can shift our season from one to another, that we might not know what, in the most beautiful and surprising way that we never think would even be possible.

It’s my first year anniversary of blogging today and I just wanna thank y’all for being with me. For reading my confessions and beliefs, principles, and experiences.

When I started last year, I heard from a lot of people that those who started blogging do not even last for a year, or for even a couple of months. Honestly, I can attest to that because before this blog, I’ve already tried several times and ended up deleting them.

Yet this one’s different. Today is a witness that when you commit to something you love, even when there are times that you feel you’re not good enough and that you cannot move forward from it, you can always choose to rest then give it a go after some time.

The truth is, we all cannot be completely, perfectly, consistent but the best part it, we can always recommit ourselves, pray for it, and try to do it again. Indeed, all things are possible in God.

I thank God for bringing me this far. For giving me the words to say. For the experiences I was able to share. For the boldness to transform my feelings and emotions into words that I cannot express verbally. For the people who encourages me to write.

I offer this all to God and for every season that I was able to share and bless you with. I know that like the people who says they were blessed by this, I am just as blessed.

Thank you! 💜



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