Taal Lake and Volcano (ft. Tagaytay Revelations)

After my enrolment last week, I suddenly had this urge to travel before this sem starts to become exacting. Since my brother mentioned about Tagaytay, I searched some places to go to, and I ended up with blogs about Taal Lake and Volcano.

It has been a goal of mine to travel a lot this year. And I am grateful to God for this first opportunity. After the Bantakay falls experience last year, I discovered that hiking can really be exciting and interesting. And this trip was absolutely a great one.

The hike can be tiring when ascending; it took us almost an hour. To some who are already used to it can make it within 40mins or so. The descending part is easier tho.

So during the trip, we were required to have a travel guide, and so we got one; her name is Mary Ann. It was nice having her because she likes to take photos of us and shares us some stories about the locals in the island.

Honestly, I really thought there is some sort of conspiracy in that town. From the people telling us about the boat rates, that we should only accept it once it is down to P1,500 from P2,500 (because maybe the fare’s really just P1,000, know what I mean?), up to our tour guide telling us the economic and educational state of the locals that made me (and my brother, too who gave her a large tip) become sympathetic over them. There’s also this instance where the vendor offers us water and said “Wouldn’t you buy for your tour guide?” And duh, we did. But I didn’t see our guide drinking the water. (The water’s very expensive, btw. P50=50mL)

Okay, let’s consider the water given. Haha. But I still have this feeling about the conspiracy thing. Lol.

Moving on, one thing I had a struggle with is the stinky-ness of the trail because the horses poop and pee anywhere. And it can really be dusty since you’re walking alongside the horses. And I find it dangerous, too cause I think they will attack me anytime they feel threatened. Haha.

This is one of my fave shots. 💜 Had to run to the side after taking this. Lol

By the way, we did not ride the horse because aside from it being expensive (P500), the horses look like they’re tired. I don’t know how many trips are they forced into in a day or in a week, but let’s not just bother the horses, okay? And besides, I’m learning to love hiking. 🤷‍

We walked for about an hour (including the stops we had for photos and rest) to reach the top.

Just a tip: Beware of some entitled tourists, especially the foreigners. They can be acting on their superiority complex sometimes, so just be careful. (Yeah, I had a bad experience about it. Well not really that bad, but you know, just helping some people 😅)

Here are some photos on the top, with trivia for our tour guide:

Along the trail, you will see smoke/vapor like this because beneath the soil is hot, because we’re on an active volcano (do I have to explain? Haha)
In the crater, you can see a little land form, so the whole body system is like an island in a lake in an island in a lake. You got it? *wink wink*
This is the coast of the lake in the crater. And the water has sulphuric content, so you better not dive in. (The water on the lake is fresh water so it’s clearly safe, just so you know – additional information uncalled for)
Red rocks

The best part of the trip for me was during the boat ride going back to the market. It has been very windy that time and we were being tossed by the waves, the waters splashes from both sides, and my t-shirt got really wet. It was the most nerve-wrecking yet really exciting part of the journey (and I enjoyed it, lol).

It was a one hour of that kind of ride and I came to realized this: We mock on Peter’s faith during that storm when he walked on water and ended up nearly drowned; but how can he really have the faith amidst the storm, to ask Jesus “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”  (Matthew 14:28)

Because if I was there that time, I wouldn’t even dare to stand and ask. Wouldn’t even dare to let go of what I would be holding on just not to be tossed outside the boat.

(You get what I wanna say? 😅😅)

There were actually a lot of things going on on my mind that time. And here comes another problem.

It was Sunday when we went there. I thought we will be able to be back by afternoon so we could attend the 7pm Sunday service in Victory Katipunan. But I was wrong. it was already 4pm when we went back to the market. And instead of going back to Manila via Batangas, we went to Tagaytay instead. We ended up in Ayala Mall Serin.


I was already feeling a hint of guilt because I think we just bargained church plan with a selfish pleasure, and at that point, I was very mindful of the consequences of our decisions.

I prayed and asked God. Should I just watch a live stream? Read a certain devotional plan? How can I make it up to You?

That is funny because we couldn’t pay our sins by doing more. It has already been paid!

Suddenly I remembered that there’s Victory in Tagaytay. (Guess the Holy Spirit’s been trying to help me 😅) And to my surprise, (I was starting to be overwhelmed this time) it is also located in Serin! I couldn’t be overwhelmed enough. My heart skipped a beat in delight with this fact.

And the series of surprising events started there.

During the service, I remembered this friend I met on IG who is attending and volunteering in this church. And guess what, she was there and we personally met for the first time!

Y’all I couldn’t express how overwhelmed and surprised I was.

Before we traveled back home, she ministered to us thru prayer. A powerful prayer with vision. And I think the events after our Taal tour made that day more memorable, an extraordinary one.

You see, God will really make a way. You just have to pray and surrender your burdens because He will always deliver. He will not let you move away from His presence. Because when you think you’re being spontaneous, working in the center of the will of God guarantees you that everything has already been planned. You just gotta give it all to God.

Give it all to God.

Ps. Also, plan your travel really well that it will not ruin your planned time for God. 💜😉

Pps. Attached are some photos of me (thanks to our tour guide and to my bro).

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If you have some questions and thoughts about this, you can comment down so we can discuss. *wink* 🤗



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