Bantakay Falls, Atimonan Quezon

Last Saturday, me and my brother had a one day trip to Bantakay Falls in Sta. Catalina, Atimonan, Quezon, from Katipunan, QC. So we basically left QC around 3:30 am and rode a bus in Cubao going to Lucena. Here’s the trip in summary:

4:00 – 7:30 Bus from Cubao to Lucena Grand Central

(7:30 – 8:20 Breakfast just inside the terminal and waited for a bus with vacant seats)

8:20 – 9:20 Bus from Lucena Grand Central to Bantakay Jump Off

9:20 – 11:00 Hike time from jump off to Bantakay Falls.



Before anything else, let me inform you that I’m not really into hiking and all those stuff. So everything here is on a beginner’s views. πŸ˜‰

Let me discuss the trail because that’s what’s really amazing in the trip (well, next to the falls ofc). At first, I thought the trail is just a bit relaxing. Only the long hours of walking will tire you.


Trail’s easy, I thought.

But guess what, the trail is pretty a bit above the average (my kind of average). At first, the trail is easy. Then you’ll have to walk through very slippery cemented path going downhill. Sta. Catalina is located on a high altitude in the province of Quezon that’s why the trail is going downhill when going to the falls. Then you’ll have to walk on very slippery rocks too.

Siyempre di na ko nagpicture kasi baka madulas ako. Kawawa yung camera HAHA

Also, one good thing is you’ll also pass by brooks and creeks. There are also springs where you can drink the water from. We didn’t have water so this is great for those like us. Yah, we went without bringing some water cause here’s the funny story.

We actually bought a bottle of water (2L or 3L, I forgot) then on the bus going to the jump off, we asked the driver to drop us off the in the jump off since we didn’t know the place.

But while we were getting down the bus, we were a bit in a hurry because in Philippines, (or in Luzon at least), you have to be near the door before the bus will fully stop. Yet in our case, we just stood up when the bus had already stopped because that’s just when the driver informed us.

And so my brother, in panic, dropped the water bottle while standing up, and it rolled under the seats and it was MIA. Hahahaha.

We weren’t able to drink from that bottle yet and it disappeared. HAHA.

Well anyway, here are some photos of the brooks and streams.



And I thought those are enough. I was starting to be thankful that I wore my walking slippers until we came across the muddy part, which I think is already 2/3 of the trail.


This part is where I actually had a hard time with. My feet sinked and this went on for like 30 minutes. Well, you might suggest that I should walk on the sides, and I did. But you can’t go beyond because it’s all bushes.

And more than the very muddy feet I got, I got scratches because of some plants with spikes and thorns. (I was wearing shorts since my jeans would just hinder me to walk well and I don’t have the right clothes for this stuff. Either I should buy myself one or I’ll just not do stuff like this again. Hahaha.)


And y’all, at first I was regretting why I did this trip in the first place. But while those thoughts are running, this sight gave me hope. Literally guys. This view has given the trail it’s worth. I think it’s the reason why people keep coming here.


That’s not yet the official falls, well it’s part of it but it’s not the major, major falls. (iykwim) πŸ˜‰

You still have to climb a bit more and tada!!!


Such great sight after a great journey. Just like life, friend. Just like life.

Here’s my happy face for y’all. ^_^





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