“I love you, dad.”

As much as I could remember, the last time that I told my father that line was 13 years ago. Through a letter. And it was not voluntary because that letter was written as a requirement in our arts subject when I was in 2nd grade. During Valentines day.

Me and my father doesn’t have that intimate relationship. Unlike other dad-child relationships, we hardly talk much about our feelings and share our thoughts. While we talk about his life and other events, and everyone in the family’s events too, during meal times, those things just brought information, not really emotions and feelings. You get our kind of relationship?

That’s why I consider that line in the title a very intimate one, that I couldn’t make myself utter again after that letter.

And sometimes, envy creeps in when I see some of my friends being so friendly with their dads and being able to speak so casually and lightly. It’s like they’re just talking to somebody their age, their best friend.

How I wish I could have a father whom I could talk to about my personal life too, on a daily basis. About my failed exam and how the feeling of being a failure is so draining. About how loud my dorm-mates were during my college days that kept me from a good sleep. About how embarrassed I was when we did a play in one of my subjects. Or even about a really petty thing (or not), like that boy who told me he likes me.

Well, I guess we all have an ideal father.


Maybe you never even experienced a father image in your whole life (or maybe your father is already you’re ideal one, then you’re so so blessed in that area of your life. Yet sorry to break your moment, but there is a more ideal Father that we can have. 😉), either way, an ideal father is sometimes what we’re looking for.

With this, I remembered what the Bible says,

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

John 1:12-13

The moment that I have Christ, I became a daughter of the perfect, way more ideal than we can imagine, Father.

And not just me. You are too!

We are children of God. He is our perfect Father.

Wait. That seems like too much to contain, right? An imperfect being having a perfect father?

Let that sink in.

My dear friend,


He is not like our earthly fathers. Our earthly fathers might have failed us, or fall short in their responsibilities, or maybe others weren’t able to protect their children like they were supposed to be.

Or maybe we weren’t able to do our own responsibilities that made us detached ourselves from them.

But God is different than all those good earthly fathers there may be.

God is our good good Father.

In our bad times, He will not dismiss us.

In our sinful hours, He will not disown us.

In our failures, He will not disinherit us.

Our God is really reassuring. His sovereignty doesn’t require us to keep a distance as we serve Him. His superiority doesn’t keep us from coming to Him for help. His title doesn’t forbid us to call Him Abba, Father”.

He is a God that is personal. He willingly encourage us each day as we get up, give us a hug during the tough times, and would very much likely to listen to our stories at the end of the day.

Even when we try to detach from Him, He would continue to pursue us because He doesn’t want us to be lost.

And unlike the kind of relationship that I had with my earthly father, God expresses His love in a perfect way. He wanted to have an intimate relationship with us where we can talk to Him everything that we want to express and release from our hearts.

And we can even talk to Him about our earthly father!

I hope that as much as we view God as our Master, we could also view Him as our Father.

That we could let Him take that role, in whom we can comfortably say,

“I love you, Dad.”



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2 thoughts on ““I love you, dad.””

  1. Woah this really speaks to me. 😦 I have a good relationship with my father but like you said, I never have casual conversations with him.
    All this time, I thought it was normal until I saw my friends at church chatting with their dads as if they were best friends.
    Thank you for being so honest! 😦


    1. Thank you! I’ve been keeping this thought too and wished my relationship w/ my father would be better but it’s already impossible. Now, I am just so grateful that i have a Father who at the same time is my best friend. 💜


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