Come To The Altar

In our journey as Christians, more problems and trials may come. It’s true because we’re living in a world that’s sinful in nature. They are inevitable. They will come.

The crucial thing is, how do we handle them.

It’s simple. We know, God is always with us. We can surrender to Him every burden that keeps us awake all night long. We can let Him work it out for us. Just trust Him in the process.

Simple yet not easy.

Even the father of faith had problems with trusting God during his journey. Abraham, whose faith we think should be greater than us, failed to trust God.

The question is:

Where is our faith during the trials?

Maybe sometimes, we are like Abraham. During the famine, instead of settling in Canaan just what God commanded him to do, and trusting God with everything, he went to Egypt instead, as he was afraid to go hungry.

We sometimes do things our own way. We forget (or sometimes we choose not) to talk to God. Because we can’t see God’s ways. It’s hard for us to trust Him. Or because we are afraid that God will not deliver us through it.

We go out from God’s boundaries and seek our personal goals and self-centered dreams, motivated by fear.

What we do not realize is that anxiety comes after fear.

Abraham even sacrificed his own wife to secure himself from death. The more anxious he became because his life was in danger. He compromised to become successful and rich, in his own way, which we all know that those weren’t from God.

At that moment, he was so messed up. And so are we. A single sin causes a ripple effect, which is really so hard to stop. And then we realized all the mistakes we’ve done. We feel lack. We feel pain. We feel downcast. We feel hopeless.

Because instead of fear, our decisions and actions should’ve been motivated by faith.

The question now is:

Where do we go after messing things up?

There are times where we ourselves are already a mess. Go back. Go back to the place where God first revealed His purpose in you.

In God, new beginnings, fresh starts, and restorations are served.


The victorious Christian life is a series of new beginnings.

George M. Morrison


Like Abraham, after leaving Egypt, went back to the altar he made where God revealed to Him His plans and promises, go back to yours.

Think about your own altar. Where is that place where God met you the first time? What thing reminds you of God’s love for you? Or maybe a song, a Bible verse, or a person that reminds you of your first encounter with God.

Come to the altar. God’s arms are ready to embrace you again. Receive His love. Talk to Him again. Lean on Him.

This time, let faith motivate you in the going. And then faith conceives confidence. And it results to God becoming the center of our lives.


For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Romans 10:13

[Insights from the UNWAVERING series last Aug 26, 2018, 1PM service @ Victory Katipunan]



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