To Those Who Failed—And Fell Really Hard

Failure is not a disgrace.

As an imperfect being, you are expected to fail at some point in your life. And I promise you, you will fail.

Yet let me tell you this: You are not bound to remain a failure.


Because at that point, where you are at rock-bottom, there’s no other way to turn to but upwards, and there’s nowhere else God would find you but there.

God meets you exactly where you are. Surrender everything to Him.

Let Him meet you. He won’t judge you by your failure. For Him, what you might think of as a failure, is never a dichotomy of a failure or success, but rather a step of the stairway He made for you to grow.

Let Him meet you. He will help you exactly where you’ve fallen into. Surrender and He will carry the burden for you.

Let Him meet you. Because in Him, it is possible to have a fresh start. He is a great God and He loves you so much.

God will use you for His glory. Trust in His plans.

Let Him use you. Even when you failed a thousand times, He never will. He accepts you just the way you are, yet renews and transforms you into a brand new person.

Let Him use you. Because neither your failures, nor your successes can hinder God’s plans for you to work out. The plans He has prepared even before you were born won’t change, even when you’ve hit rock-bottom a countless times.

Let Him use you. That failure did not remove Jesus’ place in your heart. Victory is always guaranteed, not only in the end of the journey.

Victory has always been with you and you will finish strong.

Because He will not let failure be the last paragraph of your life story.

Even when Moses failed to stay righteous, when David failed to keep his purity, when Jonah failed to obey God, when Peter failed to stand on his word, God remained loving and faithful to His people.

He blessed them and made them blessings not only for their generation, but for the hundreds of generations after them.

Yes you failed, and you will still fail.

Yet let God move you and rise you up. Learn your lessons, mature in His grace. He will use your life story to bless others and make Himself known.

Your life story is a testimony.

With God’s limitless love,





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