Camiguin Says Come Again!


Before story telling our trip in Camiguin, let me share some trivia about the amazing Island. This island is located in Northern Mindanao, roughly 2hrs by bus + 1hr by ship from Cagayan de Oro City.

And the island is known as “Island Born of Fire” with its mighty 7 volcanoes. Camiguin is a bit small in land area, which will make you able to go around it for at least 2 hrs.





You might wanna spare a day of this year to go and visit the island, like getting away far from stress. Small as it may seem, but this island is so rich in nature that you would definitely think about buying a house and lot and live here.

Trust me, I’ve actually thought about that.

So, this trip to will not happen if not for my uncle. He sponsored the trip to Camiguin, and to Bohol after. (Of course that would be in another blog post. 😀 ) We stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights and we definitely maximized our stay.

Before going, we’ve already been booked in one of the top hotels in the island. It is so much comparable to those grand hotels located in very developed urban areas like Cagayan de Oro City and even Manila.


We found rest at Bahay Bakasyunan Sa Camiguin which is located just near the island’s ports. And by the way, the food they offer is great too. The place is so much relaxing, like it’s really your perfect out of the city kind of vacation. (Maybe I’ll do a full review about it the next time I’ll visit.)

So let’s start touring the Island!

First stop. The White Island. So, basically, the island has an island. Hmm.

It’s a perfect place to capture your IG-able photo with a mountainous backdrop. Perfect spot!



And for the record, they actually sell these sea urchins for you to eat. WHAT?! Well, not the shell of course but it was a shock for me.

Morning is the best time to visit this place since you would like to avoid the sting of sunlight. Afternoon is a no no since it will be high tide by then. This island will be fully covered with water, making it impossible to explore.

After spending quite some time here, we went through the road passing the middle of the island. When we went there 2 years ago, the roads were not yet fully cemented so it took us a while to arrive at some destinations.

However, we sure had a lot of fun amidst those rocky rides.



All you can see are different forms of mountains and you could even spot sets of volcanoes. It was a bit foggy when we went there since it was July. Maybe try to visit the place around summer.

We continued through the road and visited some waterfalls just on the way. The first one is the Tuasan falls.

Look at this failed photo trick by us. Haha.

Next stop is the Katibawasan falls. Not much water compared to the previous one, though. But being here feels like we were in some sort of an top open cave. We were actually surrounded by a wall of hard rocks and you can feel the cold breeze.


After this stop, we continued to the end of the middle road and reached the other side of the island. We entered some off roads, which I couldn’t remember now, which led us to Sto. Nino Cold Spring.


Swimming here would feel like you’re in a big bucket full of ice. It’s really cold. Just dipping my toes gives me shivers. So for the record, I did not experienced the waters here.

Well, my toes did.


We arrived here around noon time and decided to have our lunch. Btw, just outside this spring, you can see lots of tents selling souvenirs which are really cool and authentic. So might as well bring some (I would prefer lots) of pocket money for those stuff.

We continued the journey in the highway and stopped at the ruins of one of the oldest church in the Philippines, the Guiob Church. It was built in the 16th century but was destroyed during the eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 1871.



If you’ll picture out the whole church, it is really huge and an enormous one at that, with all those thick walls standing still. And this place actually looks like a fortress surrounded by tall trees embracing the sunlight. Their shades keep the place cool.

Next stop was the Sunken CemeteryIt was a cemetery by the shore before it was destroyed by the same volcano that destroyed the old church, at the same time.


It must be terrifying to swim in this part of the sea. I mean, who would want to step on some graves stones. You might be stepping on some bones, or maybe a hand of bones would drag you down. How frightening.

Kidding. Forget that part of this post.

Before going back to BBC, we saw a really cool ocean view spot along the road. It was so refreshing. This part is one of the best for me (because staying at the hotel is also the best. Haha.) Standing here would actually make you realize a lot of things.

One is that this island is really a majestic one. Another is that, you would want to escape the reality of studying and working after, and would rather stay here forever. Next is that, you would regret not bringing coffee. And lastly, you would like to go back here with a chair and a book and have the best time of your life.


There is so much peace in here. Watching this view of a vast still waters and green protruding land forms. Hearing the music of the birds along with the dancing wind, the noise brought by the waters colliding withe huge rocks.

It’s like you’re having a reboot in your life. And you realize that you’re not really running away from reality but instead, getting ready for ’em.

In the evening, we went for a dip at Ardent Hot SpringI would actually prefer hot springs over the cold ones. I must be a cold blooded person, I think.


Kidding aside, you could just keep yourself from exploring the corners of this place since this is surrounded with huge trees and beyond the boundaries are forests.

It’s like being here means you’re in the midst of forests. Walking around kept me anxious about snakes and different life forms which could cause harm.

Well, it’s not that we went there for a forest tour, ey. I loved the warmth of the water after the long ride. It was a reward for enjoying the trip. 😀

Indeed, it was one of the greatest days in my 2016. And here’s the proof.

Grateful for my ma for this awesome shot. 😀

While this happened in 2016, writing this blog 2 years after makes the memory so fresh. It seemed like a dream but this is reality and it will be a history for me. And while I am so grateful for this experience, I hope that this blog post made you see the beauty of the Philippines and how it is worthy of your time, effort and money.

See you in the next adventure! (Well, I would probably write about our Bohol trip which happened just right after this. )



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