Eden Nature Park: A Garden of Eden


It was last November, 2017 when I went here with my mother. The ultimate plan is that, I will just process my passport in Davao and go home after 3 days. But I thought it would be a waste not making the best of our time staying there, so a sudden plan it is.

Eden Nature Park is located at Toril, Davao City.  It is a city 7-8hrs away by bus from CdO, my home city.  You might think that the travel time seems to be boring and everything tiring but guess what’s beyond the windows.

Seeing this kind of environment resurrects the provincial heart in me. ❤  Indeed I am such a rural person.

While this is not a sponsored article, I would like to share the bliss of experiencing this 80-hectare garden with roughly 100,000 pine tress. Amazing, I know! Maybe a full day will tire you from going to its deepest corners but the experience will always be worth it.

Well, I was not able to explore everything myself but let me give you a piece of the pie. 🙂


So let’s take a peek of what’s inside the garden.


Since it is a very large park, we decided to get a tour package where we get to ride in their cart and tour three stops inside.

Also, I wanna commend out tour guide but I forgot to ask his name, plus, I even forgot to ask a photo with him. Yah, I’m so forgetful and I feel regretful right now.

Anyway, here are some photos to let you see the freshness and greenness of the park. It is such an amazing place knowing that a lot of forests now are being scraped and developed into urban areas.

Blessed to have people united in preserving nature.






By the way, they grow their own vegies and spices inside which are being used in their restaurant. They offer fresh and delish foods and things just couldn’t get healthier.


Aside from that, they showcase a rich tribal culture of the Philippines, which they call Tinubdan.

From time to time, you’ll see many Nipa Hut’s which just gives you the feels of how our Mindanaoans ancestors lived before, in a simple yet rich ambiance.



They might be living a simple life, yet I can feel that they are contented with the resources they have and enjoyed the abundance of nature. Because living a simple life doesn’t mean you’re living lack.

I realized that in simple things, you”ll see the most important things in life to have.

Moving forward. For the parents out there, you don’t have to worry if your children will get bored anytime soon. There is a play ground available for them.

And I just thought, the parents could probably enjoy, too. From the usual slides and see saw, to the mini zip line (or Rope gliding, I guess.).


I look like an old lady whose still waiting for love for, like, already a century now. Haha
Let me give you a photo of my ma having fun. ❤ 😀

They also have horseback riding, skycycle, butterfly garden, fishing pond (where you get to cook your own freshly caught fish), and many more outdoor activities to enjoy.

If you’re planning to stay over for a night or two, (or even a week! cause why not?) they have available rooms and houses for you. They have different styles and also locations that would really fit your preferences.

It was nearly Christmas when we went there so it was a bit festive then.

Of course, gardens wouldn’t be complete without flowers. And tell me, who doesn’t take pleasure from taking photos with them? It’s actually a perfect place to have your Instagram-worthy photos. To give you some idea:





And I could live here forever!DSC_2588

There are still a lot that you would enjoy doing that haven’t mention. So if you’re interested, you can visit Eden Nature Park’s website or read some bloggers’ story about it.

You can see some guidelines on out how to get there in TisoyTraveler’s blogsite. Also, if you wanna see more of my photos, visit my photo album in Facebook here.

To end, I would just like to say…


…because really, who wouldn’t? 😉




2 thoughts on “Eden Nature Park: A Garden of Eden”

  1. Have you been to Malagos? How is the Eden Nature Park compared to the other parks in Davao? I believe there’s another adventure park or nature park there?


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