You Are Not Someone Less

Having a mustard seed compared to the sequoia tree others are holding, it is not inevitable to feel like you’re someone less than others, or less than who you’re supposed to be, as you think you are.

Normally, we tend to look at others so that we may know if we have been on the standard, or if we’re living a good life, and to see if we’re doing the right things. “Others” being the standard of our being is what will make us feel less.

Why would the idea of being less exist? Is it not because we compete with others? Is it not because we compare people among people? Is it not because we envy of their haves and not haves?


Let me tell you this. This is cliche but you will not be able to enjoy life if you go around dwelling on the thought of others being greater than you while self-pitying.

I remember someone asked me why life is being so unfair. Maybe that has been a wrong question all this time because we say that others have the favor of it and we don’t. Maybe the that question means why is my life lesser than theirs. Why do we think it’s less, though? Why would the idea of being less exist?

Focus on what you have.

Sometimes, we forgot to thank God for the blessings that we have just because we cannot get hold of the things that we would rather have. You see, desiring for greater things isn’t a bad thing.

What makes it against the will of God is when we focus on them too much that our emotions and mental activity is being affected. We forgot that our ultimate Father is willing to give us what we ask of Him according to His will.

Remembering the blessings that God makes us responsible for will result to a grateful heart. Always speak of thanksgiving rather than lurking around asking God all the “whys” in the world.

Because truly, you are not someone less once you become God’s child. Think about the cross, think about the heaven, think even about the life you have, which is a gift. Above all, think about the Giver of all these things.

Do something with what you have.

You’ll see that having a mustard seed is not so bad after all. You have something in your hand. Don’t let that seed sleep in your cabinet. Let it out, and sow it the best way you can. Let it grow in a good soil with a healthy environment. Water it and take care of it. Rejoice with the hope that soon, it will grow into something big.

With what you have, you have a choice to use them for your own good. Invest on those things. Be diligent and work hard. You may think that this is so common but successful people wouldn’t be where they are if they did not work on it so hard.

Put your heart into it. The time will come that you will reap something grand of what you have worked hard on.

And when that mustard seed of yours grow into a very large tree, then birds will come to take shelter and rest on its branches. Animals will benefit from the shade caused by its  leaves.

You see, God did not intend for you to have that mustard seed only for you to be blessed but also for you to be a blessing to others.

Take that mindset of being less away. God trusted you with something, well, a lot of things really (you just have to discover them!), so make the best out of it. It’s not about what others have that you don’t but it’s about how you make the best out of what you have been given.

Be a reason for someone to thank God for something.

Having that small mustard seed compared to the sequoia trees of everybody, you actually have even more than enough.  You have more than enough that will cause others to thank God for something! Why would you even think you are someone less?

Ultimately, our abundance in life is sure. We don’t have to worry of all the things that makes us think we are less. Christ made us able to live life to the fullest.  Now it is your turn to make the best out of that opportunity. After all, Christ is enough in our lives.

With immense love,





Christ is Enough” to see how Christ becomes enough in our lives.


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