An Enchanting Night at UPD


You see, I’ve already seen much of UPD because I’ve been here a lot of times since I was still an undergrad student. But I never had the chance to see what it’s like at night. So my brother suggested that why should we not try to take a walk and take some photos.

Challenge accepted, alright!

February 10, 2018 at 10:15pm, we started walking from Regis Center, Katipunan, taking the sidewalk beside Ateneo de Manila University.

I know, it’s late but the highway’s still pretty busy and you can see a lot of people probably waiting for a jeepney ride going home. And I just have to witness that at 10:35pm (approximately), it’s still traffic in the Katipunan road.

Photo taken on the overpass near UP Town

Being a probinsyana, I can’t help but compare what life is like in the province and here in Metro Manila.

In our hometown, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental (which is in Mindanao and which you haven’t probably heard about because it’s a low profile province. Haha. But I think you know Cagayan de Oro, so it is there), at 8pm, all the stores and homes are already closing their doors and people are enjoying a family time, which is usually in front of a TV or just chilling in the sala.

In our home, at 9pm, everybody’s preparing their beds to sleep and you’ll experience the quietness since 6pm. (Well, maybe I’ll write a blog about that.)

And here in Metro Manila, it’s just so—how can I describe it—dense? Well, you can’t blame a probinsyana like me. But hey, I’m loving Metro Manila too. Just not the meats and vegetables displayed in the supermarkets, and the traffic!


Anyway, so we walked through the C.P. Garcia road and would have to walk further since the gate entering NIP (National Institute of Physics) is already closed.

Fortunately, the gate near the NIGS (National Institute of Geological Sciences) is open. Aside from the light coming from the streetlights, there’s this ten wheeler truck lighting the road.

UPD at Night Experience

So here comes the enchanting part of UPD. How it looks like during daytime is just so different during the nighttime. And you’ll realize that it is all because of these things: lighting, trees, building designs and the road itself.




See how creepy it gets caused by the combination of the light, trees and buildings. And while I’m taking some of these, I can just feel the shivers through my spine. Watching those horror movies might caused this kind of feeling, especially imagining about some figures and faces that might give me a fright.

Geez. Didn’t take much photos of the buildings cause they’re really so creepy. Well, it is so much better when you have someone with you because you’re gonna enjoy the moment.

You’ll get calm because there will be two of your who will each run for your life whenever that moment of truth comes.

But honestly, aside from being creepy, I do find it so enchanting. It is so beautiful. Everything of it just shows you peace even you’ve felt something supernatural beforehand.

But let me tell you this, the enchantment you’ll feel will overcome the horror you’re feeling. Take it from me who is a scaredy cat.

The road around the oval.
The “Frieshie Walk” because all freshies would have to walk right here going to their first set of subjects. Well, they can go around and spend a longer time, tho.

This just seems amazing because every lamp post is working! (You’ll know better when you’re a Filipino.) And the ambiance makes you feel like you’re in some place you’ve never been before. It seems like it’s not UPD but it is UPD and this is what makes it more of UPD.

We then walked straight to the Quezon Hall (the front-most building in the campus) and found it as a nice view for pictorial so I took the chance.

Photo taken by my brother

Of course, the tour inside UPD (and in any University of the Philippines campus) wouldn’t be complete without experiencing “Oble“. This is the most iconic figure in the UP System and somehow it just gives all the Isko and Iska some pride.

Photo taken by my brother

February 11, 2018 at 12:15 am, we ended our walk near Kalayaan Dorm. We took a taxi ride back to Regis since my body would love to go to bed already.

Besides, it’s already unsafe walking at this hour, I guess. And what’s more interesting in this walk is that the taxi driver is Bisaya like us! I just can’t help but be happy about it.

Well, I do hope that you enjoyed the photos which I and my brother spent a lot of time capturing with. We had a hard time getting the photos that we wanted because of the availability of light, and we’re both beginners (thinking for some other excuses haha).

I spent quite a lot of time trying to mix the ISO, shutter speed and the aperture. But ya, more than anything, I enjoyed it so much and I learned a lot from this night walk in UPD. 





2 thoughts on “An Enchanting Night at UPD”

  1. Wow!…just let me take this pride : firstly, I had gone to UP before so I can more or less share what I saw there…secondly, and whats more admirable is that, I get to imagine what’s like during the night because of this blog, ..and thirdly, which is most adorable and should I say honorable because it is the country’s most pride univ, this blog came out by two amazing God’s faithful servants…


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