Hello dear!

Thank you for visiting my blog. 😍🙈

I’m Hanna.

I’m in my early 20s and I am a child and friend of God.


Welcome to my small blog!

The blog Breath of Grace is my serene place to write about my faith, and hobbies like traveling and going into trips, reading books, and doing some music.

I hope and I pray that you find the words personal and timely. May God use this platform for you to be refreshed and grow in your relationship with God. May you feel inspired to get back up when you’re down, and be encouraged to push yourself when you can’t move forward.

And even when this might help you, I hope that you’d still go back and hear His word directly through reading the Bible. It will always be refreshing and pleasing, both to you and to God.

May this blog be a part of your spiritual journey and through this, may

God be glorified.


To read my blog posts >> Blog

You can follow me on my page and social media accounts:



To introduce myself, here are my 5 favorites:

Person: My mother next to Jesus. 💜

Hobby: Doing music– singing, playing guitar, etc.

Bible Verse: Philippians 1:20 [TPT]

Blog: JD Fermin Facebook blog by Ms. Jervy. She has a blog site Let’s Be Brave.

Drinks: Milktea for leisure & Iced Tea for meals.  Coffee for everything. 😉

Be blessed!!!


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